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#3 It's a Number's Game

As a recruiter, our days are often taken over with the pressure of returning phone calls, booking interviews and trying until were crying to get managers to communicate with us about how much capacity they need to be filled for the week, it's easy to forget the finer details. 

It's these smaller things though that make all the difference, in a world of a thousand nonstop phone calls and LinkedIn messages, it's knowing the importance of these details that make you either a recruiter in control, leading the way to success for your charities face to face team or a recruiter drowning in a sea of misplaced priorities. 

Your recruitment success is a numbers game. 

The most important 3 numbers that it pays for you as a recruiter to know at all times are, your CPA (Cost per application), your CPI (Cost per interview) and your CPH (Cost per hire), it is after all these figures that make or break your recruitment team.

How many of your recruiters can actually tell you today what they are, or what they were last week, last month or even at the end of last year? My guess is none, I make that assumption with absolute certainty as in my time as a recruiter, I'm yet to come across someone who can tell me without their eyes frantically searching the room, glaring at the rest of their team hopelessly begging for an answer. 

The thing is about these numbers, is that we're able to determine so much from them, we can make projections, analyze our budgets, figure out which of our adverts are performing and cringe at those that aren't.

The problem is, many recruiters are pushed by management to return a service, of mass interviews, an influx of hireable candidates and outstanding show rates that we feel our only option is to throw as much money into it as possible, without really taking time to analyze our spend.

Ultimately, a fundraising recruiter is responsible for generating funds for charity, but if we don't know how much we're spending and whether that money is spent wisely, how do we know the true value of the work we're doing?

We can never be 100% sure that our candidate choices will be profitable, but knowing these numbers can guarantee us that what we are doing to get the candidates on the field is cost-effective and executed well. 

Recruiters, start knowing your numbers

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