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#1 Winter Is Coming

The Australian summer has finally ended. Although we are celebrating the temporary end of mosquito bitten evenings, long sleepless nights visualising our feet burning on the pavement every time we run down to get the mail, most recruiters of fundraisers are dreading the anticipated winter drop. We go into an awkward panic, often presuming underperformance before the solstice has even begun, sweating over the suspected lack of applications, the lack of interested candidates and already visualizing the highlighted boxes on our spreadsheets indicating all the no-shows to our interviews. 

But is this panic justified? 

Australia does not close down between June and August and people still need and apply for jobs. In fact, last month over 11 million candidates searched for jobs on Indeed alone in Australia. So why do so many recruiters already feel defeated?

Simply put, no one wants the job you're advertising in winter. 

Recruiters need to prepare, you've spent all summer promoting your companies mad social scene, weekend BBQs at the beach and travel trips to the tropics, but what now? Now it's cold and weekend sausage sizzles aren't looking so appetizing. 

Seasonal recruitment not only keeps you relevant but also ahead of the game. Planning your advertising in quarterly themes helps you structure your recruitment effectively, maximizing on what's most desirable at any given time. When planning seasonal recruitment, you should aim to create an 'event pack'. An event pack consists of 5 - 10 key pieces of unique, exciting advertising that promotes your roles best perks.

GIFT Recruitments top 5 tips for creating a seasonal event pack:

1) Use a variety of media but don't forget to update your paid mainstream adverts and update them regularly.

2) Choose to theme your advertising as much as possible, this can include colors, fonts, images, and action lines.

3) Remember to clear out your last season event pack advertising at the end of each quarter, before posting your new adverts.

4) Assign a budget for your pack and don't forget to account for it in your overall quarterly recruitment budget.

5) Create a storage space to keep each seasons event pack so that once completed, you can reuse them the following year.

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