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#6 Immitation, The Highest Form Of Flattery?

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed recently, I was shocked to read my go-to and self-designed fundraiser advert posted by a member of staff at a fundraising agency. Word for word, my entire advert, every feature and benefit laid out as I had, every sentence in bold as with my own and every bullet point where I left it.

I was in complete awe that someone could have the audacity to copy and paste my work.

I spent some time deliberating whether I should be annoyed, angry or flattered.

Then I realized something, I had used this advert successfully for 2 years. It had provided me with thousands of great fundraisers. Now it was no longer unique, wouldn't this be a great time to change it? If I used the strengths of the last advert to write one with a new original perspective, could it attract double the candidates?

I sat and thought for a while about what had made this advert so successful, and then it hit me! At the time of writing, it was new, exciting and original. It told the story of the life of a fundraiser in a way that hadn't been done before. 

Copy, paste and time dissolved this originality. It would never have the same impact again, I had expired the adverts potential. 

Based on what had happened, I started thinking of new, unseen ideas, then I came up with an original one. I created a completely new template and on launch, the new advert attracted the highest application volume I'd ever received. 

I learned from this, that repeating the same model, over and over had limited my potential to attract candidates in a big way.

So with that in mind my advice to fundraising recruiters, campaign managers and team leaders acting as recruiters: Your biggest strength in attracting candidates will always be your creativity, originality and new ideas. 

Don't get stuck in the trap of thinking tried and tested models always work best. Fundraising recruitment is an ever-changing industry and it is shaped by the innovativeness of those in it. Don't be scared of trying something new, you will only learn from it!

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